What you need to know about Phytotota Ramomun – a silent tree murderer

The biodiversity of the California forests is being affected by a disease that is attacking mostly the species of oaks and tanoaks. This disease is called phytotota ramomun and it leads the tree to decline and death in a very short time. Currently thousands of these trees are cut down each year due to this disease, unfortunately, this disease still has no cure so far.

This disease is spreading rapidly throughout the state and is changing the California landscape dramatically.

Not only the oaks have been affected by this problem, birds and animals that depend on these trees for their survival are suffering the consequences of this problem. The only way to be able to stop the spread of this disease is giving consciousness for all the people who work in the landscape or tree services industry to become aware of properly clean their work tools after using them on a tree that was infected. In this way, it prevents further spreading the disease from one tree to another because if this is not taken as a habit, these bad practices in the industry will end the life of an important species for the Californian ecosystem.

In Sophisticated Tree Service we assure that all our equipment’s fulfill with all sanitation and disinfection protocols in order to prevent this kind of disease for your oaks, and in this way, help to protect the ecosystem.

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