¿Do trees really represent a hazard during the fire season?

Read this before you take a tree care service.


California is a beautiful state full of natural beauties, it has a great variety of different species of trees that make the landscape of California unique, from redwoods to oaks and eucalyptus, just to name some of the most common species, however, this biodiversity has been affected by times of droughts that the state has suffered, which has triggered fires and devastation to the California ecosystem.

Given the increase in fires, people have been forced to create protective barriers against fire, which has led to the felling of trees that, although they are healthy and strong, are believed to represent a danger to their homes, or that pruning is done at inappropriate times or is done by people not trained for the job.

When making bad diagnoses and leaving the care of the trees in inexperienced hands, it often generates the decline of the trees, making the trees prone to diseases that can lead to their death, where if they become a problem since there are they become a potential factor to spread fires.

We must understand that trees are our best shield against drought and fire, a tree provides us with the necessary shade for the soil to maintain a normal temperature, some species of trees absorb large amounts of water during winter and this water is returned to the Soil during the summer also absorb large amounts of carbon and produce most of the oxygen we need.
Therefore, when making the decision to treat the trees in your home, it is important to know the species very well, to know how it works in order to provide the best treatment and thus maintain the well-being of the tree for a long time.

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